Rotary Acronyms


 AG  Assistant Governor
 ADG  Assistant District Governor
 APF  Annual Programs Fund
 COL  Council On Legislation
 DA  District Assembly
 DC  District Conference
 DDF  District Designated Funds
 DG  District Governor
 DGE  District Governor Elect
 DGN  District Governor Nominee
 DGND  District Governor Nominee Designate
 DSG  District Simplified Grant
 DT  District Trainer
 EREY  Every Rotarian Every Year
 GETS  Governor Elect Training Seminar
 GNATS  Governor Nominee Advanced Training Seminar
 GS  General Secretary
 GSE  Group Study Exchange
 HOF  House Of Friendship
 IC  International Convention
 IPDG  Immediate Past District Governor
 MG  Matching Grant
 MOP  Manual of Procedure
 MPHF  Multiple Paul Harris Fellow
 NID  National Immunization Day
 PE  President Elect
 PETS  President Elect Training Seminar
 PDG  Past District Governor
 PF  Permanent Fund
 PHF  Paul Harris Fellow
 PHS  Paul Harris Society
 PN  President Nominee
 PP  Polio Plus
 RF  Rotary Fellowship
 RI  Rotary International
 RID  Rotary International Director
 RIMC  Rotary International Membership Coordinator
 RIP  Rotary International President
 RIPE  Rotary International President Elect
 PRID  Past Rotary International Director
 PRIP  Past Rotary International President
 RPCS  Rotary Peace Center Studies
 RRFC  Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
 RWPF  Rotary World Peace Fellow
 RYLA  Rotary Youth Leadership Award
 TRF  The Rotary Foundation
 WCS  World Community Service
 YE  Youth Exchange